Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior datefield

30-Aug-2016 23:10

The image on the left shows that a lot of page scanning is needed even with moderate sized forms.

With more than a few fields, the user is confused as which error corresponds to which field.

Inside Date Time Field we can override a new Date Text Field method to add our behavior.

The problem is that the model does not have an object for some reason, so get Object() returns null. Why does this work for Drop Down Choice Panel but not for Date Time Field? Update: I now have this mess: Basically I figured out that the Date Time Field consists of three Text Fields, one for the date, hour and minutes.

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*/ @Override protected void on Component Tag(final Component Tag tag) /** * Appends the given CSS classes to the given Component Tag.

Therefore everytime you try to convert the input after doing a minute/hour update it will not find a date and therefore fail.

See Date Time Field.convert Input // Get the converted input values Date date Field Input = date Converted Input(); Integer hours Input = hours Converted Input(); Integer minutes Input = minutes Converted Input(); AM_PM am Or Pm Input = am Or Pm Converted Input(); if (date Field Input == null) Hi Thorsten, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Most importantly: as stated before, the method new Minutes Text Field() does not exist and thus cannot be overridden.

Read further for a tutorial exploring possibilities to improve the location of the error on the page, thereby improving usability.

The default Feedback Panel shows all errors in one place.

For example, a Date Time Field must respond if we change something inside its text field or if we change hours or minutes through its internal text fields, or AM/PM through its internal drop down choice.

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