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19-May-2016 13:57

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Screenshots for games that are a work-in-progress (WIP) must be submitted to the "Projects Development" folder.Up to 1 or 2 illustrations related to your game can be submitted. If you wish to submit an updated demo, remove your old demo from the gallery first or the submission will be rejected. Other games, such as dress up games, do not have a time limit on them.Follow this guide to "fair use of resources, crediting and sourcing"Up to 3 screenshots from your game can be displayed in this gallery.

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Guess your OC country will have to wait for somebody else to make a sim date.- Don't make any fucking let's plays on my game anymore y'all are disrespectful as fuck and I'm sick of people trying to get fame off my game while they're insulting me or the game.- The cheat button is HIDDEN. It's not that hard.- STOP SAYING YOU'RE RAPING THE KISS BUTTON WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUp.s.For the vision, I really liked some of the designs, however I'm aware these are MMD models and you most likely downloaded them.