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22-May-2016 23:20

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My vocabulary of 27 words doesn't help much when people give blank stares when I constantly repeat the same phrase in russian: "Izvenitye, pajalusta, ya nye znayu gavarit' pa russki, gdye cafe?

" (translation; excuse me, please, i dont know how to speak russian, but where is a cafe?

I'm still kicking myself for losing so much money on them. Women who were "on hold" (already in a relationship and wish TRO would stop sending them matches) B.

These were simple phrases like "Hello" or "How are you" and most importantly "Where is the bathroom? I got by by saying "I love you" in Turkish to random girls and cab drivers, so that wasn't so much of a marvel to me.

Here in Ukraine, Russian isn't too difficult - I was a dork when I was 14 and memorized how to read the Cyrillic alphabet so my skills are mainly used at reading street signs and metro stops.

Women who turned down my description before I got any contact information Only one referral ended up in us scheduling a date, and the match was so awful that I probably could have done better picking up a random woman off the street.

They regularly ignore any past feedback and care nothing for the my customer experience once the money is paid.

Is there any way I can connect with thousands of members from around the world for you can have.

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